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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Vadakara Pincode / Post Office Search (KOZHIKODE, Kerala)

Abhayagiri B.O 673517VadakaraKerala
Adukkath B.O 673508VadakaraKerala
Akkal B.O 673513VadakaraKerala
Arur B.O 673507VadakaraKerala
Ayancheri B.O 673541VadakaraKerala
Azhiyur S.O 673309VadakaraKerala
Chekkiyad B.O 673509VadakaraKerala
Chelakkad B.O 673506VadakaraKerala
Cherapuram B.O 673507VadakaraKerala
Cherapuram B.O 673507VadakaraKerala
Cherumoth B.O 673517VadakaraKerala
Chombala S.O 673308VadakaraKerala
Chorode S.O 673106VadakaraKerala
Chuzhali B.O 673517VadakaraKerala
Edacheri S.O 673502VadakaraKerala
Eramala B.O 673501VadakaraKerala
Iringal S.O 673521VadakaraKerala
Iringannur B.O 673505VadakaraKerala
Iyyangode B.O 673504VadakaraKerala
Kakkattil S.O 673507VadakaraKerala
Kallachi S.O 673506VadakaraKerala
Kallunira B.O 673517VadakaraKerala
Karandode B.O 673508VadakaraKerala
Karingad B.O 673513VadakaraKerala
Katameri B.O 673542VadakaraKerala
Katcheri B.O 673502VadakaraKerala
Kayakodi B.O 673508VadakaraKerala
Keezhil B.O 673104VadakaraKerala
Kodiyura B.O 673506VadakaraKerala
Korothroad B.O 673309VadakaraKerala
Kotancheri B.O 673503VadakaraKerala
Kunduthode B.O 673513VadakaraKerala
Kuningad B.O 673503VadakaraKerala
Kurichagam B.O 673508VadakaraKerala
Kurikkilad B.O 673104VadakaraKerala
Kuttiadi S.O 673508VadakaraKerala
Mahe S.O 673310VadakaraKerala
Maniyur B.O 673523VadakaraKerala
Mayyannur B.O 673542VadakaraKerala
Memunda B.O 673104VadakaraKerala
Meppayil B.O 673104VadakaraKerala
Moilothara B.O 673513VadakaraKerala
Mullambath B.O 673507VadakaraKerala
Muttungal B.O 673106VadakaraKerala
Nadapuram S.O 673504VadakaraKerala
Naripetta B.O 673506VadakaraKerala
Nittur B.O 673507VadakaraKerala
Nitumannur B.O 673507VadakaraKerala
Nut Street S.O 673104VadakaraKerala
Onchiyam B.O 673308VadakaraKerala
Orkatteri S.O 673501VadakaraKerala
Perode B.O 673504VadakaraKerala
Poolakkul B.O 673507VadakaraKerala
Puduppanam S.O 673105VadakaraKerala
Puliyavil B.O 673509VadakaraKerala
Purameri S.O 673503VadakaraKerala
Puthur B.O 673104VadakaraKerala
Taliyil B.O 673508VadakaraKerala
Tharopoyil B.O 673541VadakaraKerala
Thinur B.O 673507VadakaraKerala
Thodannur B.O 673541VadakaraKerala
Tuneri S.O 673505VadakaraKerala
Vadakara H.O 673101VadakaraKerala
Valayam S.O 673517VadakaraKerala
Valliyad B.O 673542VadakaraKerala
Vanimal B.O 673506VadakaraKerala
Varikoli B.O 673506VadakaraKerala
Vatayam B.O 673507VadakaraKerala
Vattoli B.O 673507VadakaraKerala
Velom B.O 673508VadakaraKerala
Vilangad B.O 673506VadakaraKerala