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Religious Places in Vatakara

Vatakara is a coastal area in Kozhikode district of Kerala, disperse over an area of 21.32 km2. This is the third biggest town of North Malabar. The town lies by the side of the Moorad river or Kuttiadi river or Kotakkal river.

Initially known as Vadakkekara due to its position with respect to the Kottakkal puzha, the place came to be called as Vatakara by well liked usage subsequent. This town is also renowned as Badagara. Vatakara is furthermore one of the most well known town in the district of Calicut. It has a good beach called sand banks that's beside vatakara municipality. Vatakara is the capital of old Kurumbranadu, which was inhabited by a tribe folk renowned as Kurumbrar.

Vadakara is known as the birthplace of Aromal Chekavar, Unniyarcha and Thacholi Othenan, the famous heroes of the Vadakkanpattu. These ballads of oral tradition are advised to be of great scholarly and aesthetic worth. Thacholi Tharavadu is still maintained and the birth celebration of Thacholi Othenan is commemorated.

Lokanarkavu is one of the famous temples in Vatakara. Also the temple for the recollection of legend Thacholi Othenan is located in Vadakara. This temple is entitled as Thacholi Manikkothu Kavu temple. The martial art form Kalarippayattu has the huge number of exponents in Vatakara. Furthermore a temple resides beside called as Kalariyullathil Temple Vatakara. Some of the significant religious places in Vatakara include:

Vatakara Religious Spots

Birth Place of Kunjali Marakkar

The Marakkars were admirals of the Zamorins, who strongly resisted the Portuguese on the oceans. Kunhali Marakkar constructed a fort on the south bank of the river Moorad. This fort was absolutely decimated by the Portuguese at a subsequent time. The spot where the fort stood is renowned today as Kottakkal, 46 km south of Kozhikode. A small hut that belonged to Kunhali Marakkar with collections of ancient swords, swords and cannonballs can be seen here.

Lokanarkavu in Vatakara

The Lokanarkavu located at Memunda, 5 km from Vatakara, is a well liked temple of North Malabar. Lokanarkavu temple is related to the heroes and heroines of Vadakkanpattu. There are three rock-cut caves in the vicinity of the temple. There are candid carvings and murals adorning the caves. Goddess Durga is the major deity here. The festival, in the local area called Pooram, is celebrated throughout March or April month. The temple is 1500 years old. There are two temples adjacent to the Lokanarkavu with Vishnu and Shiva as deities. Lokanarkavu goddess is called as Lokanarkavilamma which was the dearest god of Thacholi Othenan, a commemorated hero of Kadathanadu.

Payam Kuttimala Temple

Lord Muthappan temple located in Memunda at the picturesque high ground top which have been now taken care by the Tourism department of Kerala Government. Temple undoes only at night. Many people come here to watch the sunset.

Chennamangalam Temple

Considered as one of the oldest temples in Kerala and furthermore one of the very couple of temples which has Dhwaja Prathishta. This is located 2 km from town and is near to chorode. The major prathista is Lord Shiva and Lord Ayyappa. This temple is furthermore renowned as second Sabarimala. A few years back there was a Big fire in Sabarimala and numerous persons were not adept to proceed there. At this time many people came here in this temple.

Kozhukkannur Neyyamruth Madom

Kozhukkannur Neyyamruth Madom is situated at Purameri, is said to have a history of more than 100 years. The madom interacts to the Kotiyoor festival and is a center from where the Neyamruthu offerings are taken to the Kotiyoor temple by walk.

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